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January 27, 2017

Hello my lovelies!

How are you today? I know its been a few days I am sorry. Been so busy! 

So I was sorting through all of my make up the other day and realised its become the time of the month where I have ran out of most things so I wanted to have a good look online and maybe find some gems that I haven't tried out yet and then get them on pay day and then review them for you guys?

Lets start with the face I am currently using Revlon but I am looking for something a little bit more of a coverage as I have noticed when applying foundation its not covering the imperfections I would like it to cover. So I thought I would give this a try as its been highly recommended at the moment, I am going to give the Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation a go. You can buy it here

Next on the list is a concealer now I have been using the NYX professional concealer but again I am needing something with a little bit more of a coverage so I have been looking at the Maybelline Eraser eye concealer. You can buy it here.

Next on the list is a new contouring kit I have been using the crayon style pens from primark for a few months now and as much as I love them I want to give powders a go so I thought this may be a good option to try the NYX professional makeup highlight and contour pro palette. You can buy it here
Now mascara which has always been a problem for me as I do not like plastic brushes I have always leaned towards the standard style of the mascara brush but I thought I would give the Maybelline The falsies push up angel mascara. You can buy it here

Lastly is brows, now I am sure many girls I over plucked when I was younger and I am surely paying for this now. I struggle with my eyebrows and haven't plucked them in 5 months and they are starting to finally grow back so I need a brow formula that makes them look normal again so I have been looking at the Benefit 3d Browtones eyebrow enhancer. You can buy it here

That is it for now but I may pick up some different items when I am shopping as I always come back with more than what I intended on buying! Isn't that always the way or is that just me :)

Let me know what your go to products are I am really interested to hear in the comments below?


Danielle x

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