Its Friday!

January 20, 2017

Hello my lovelies, 

ITS FRIDAY! Which let's face it is a lot of people's favorite day of the week, well it's mine anyway. 

I have to say Friday has to be the best day of the week for me because it means I can unwind and relax for the weekend, some good news I now have a part-time job in the evenings! I start on Sunday which is my first shift. 

Which now means that I have to use Friday as I get ready for the weekend but it's all good means that the dream of getting debt free and moving out in the new year is becoming more of a reality. YAY!

I have to admit I am finding myself looking at items for when we move out now which let's admit it is not a good idea! I find myself falling in love with furniture (does this mean I now have to adult?) I love the idea of finally making a home and decorating how I want too and making it all pretty! (Whether mark agrees or not) :) 

These are just few that have been bookmarked. 

As you can tell I want to go quite neutral in the furniture with pops of color in the accessories. I absolutely love the idea of a corner sofa as I love just snuggling up on the sofa to watch movies or TV. 

What are your kind of style for furniture I would love to know down in the comments! 

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Danielle x

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