Tails.com Review

January 18, 2017

Hey my lovelies, 

How are you? I hope you are well. Today I thought I would try something different and see how it goes! 

Now as we all now I have a 5 ½-month-old Border Collie Puppy by the name of Poppy. She is everything to me so when  I heard about Tails.com I thought I would give them a try especially as there was an offer on which only cost me £1 for her first lot of food (who can complain at that!) 

Since that was back in December I thought I would carry on with it as its so much easier they provide you with a months supply of biscuits and wet food if you wish and it gets delivered to your home on a set day, you can always pause of even delay the month if you find that you have too much, you can even ask for the food earlier if needs be! 

Now since we have moved Poppy over from Pedigree to Tails.com I have definitely noticed that she has calmed down a lot and she doesn't seem to want to pick at her food anymore which she used to all the time and even not eat it because she was bored of it! I have also noticed that she seems to look forward to dinner time now which is so nice to see. 

The biscuits are a special blend for Poppy's breed and age. They work this out on the website and then give you the breakdown so you know what's going into your puppy, which personally I love because I wouldn't want to give her something if I don't know what is in it. I also ordered her wet food this month as she seems to prefer wet food over biscuits and wow what a selection you get for her (considering that most dog food now comes in Chicken or Beef) 

This month Poppy has the following wet food

  • Slow-cooked Stew with Beef, Rice & Vegetables in Gravy
  • Rich & Meaty Terrine with Beef, Pasta, and Peppers
  • Tender Pate with Chicken and Rice
  • Tender Terrine with Chicken, Turkey & Peas
  • Fishermans Pate with Salmon & Peas

What a selection of food! We currently mix this in with the biscuits but I think next month I am going to be changing her over to more of a wet food as she prefers wet food. On top of 7.7kg of biscuits and 21 trays for the month we decided to give the dental dailies ago as well and wow they disappeared as soon as I got them out of the packet! Poppy loves these things and they smell amazing for her. Also when ordering from them they give you her own little scoop with a setting on to make sure she's getting just enough nutrients and food! 

Overall I have to say I cannot fault this service I mean the only thing I would change is that I don't know exactly what time on the delivery day it is going to turn up but for the price, you cannot complain! I do love that it just comes out each month and delivers each month around the same time. I also like the fact that they give you a discount code for recommendingDANIEDAU - That's my code which gives you two weeks of tailor-made food for £1 just £1!!! How cheap is that!

Sorry I got a bit carried away :) Anyway as you can guess I cannot recommend this service anymore! 

Have an amazing day! 


Danielle xx

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