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January 19, 2017

Hello my lovelies, 

How are you? 

So today I thought I would try something different and do a top 10 from the week, I know the week isn't even over yet but it just means that I can do/have all of my top 10 this weekend as a cheat! 

Here goes for Number 1 is Mini Eggs!

Now let's are honest these are possibly the best thing to happen at the beginning of the year. I know shops get these in super early but I am not complaining. I think I have eaten 4 packets of these in the last two weeks! Oopsy!

Number 2 is Tea

This is a strange one for me since I rarely drink Tea I am normally one for a cold drink, however, I have been loving tea these last few weeks. I want to start trying different flavors have you got any recommendations let me know down in the comments. 

Number 3 is Shooter

Started watching this show this week and I have to admit it has had me gripped from the start. I have always loved Ryan Phillipe as an actor and I think he is extremely underrated. He plays this role absolutely phenomenally and the cast they have used makes this a grippy and enjoyable show to watch. Have you got any favorites on Netflix as I am going to need a new series to watch soon! 

Number 4 is the weather 

I love going for walks with Poppy in this weather, she loves to bite the grass as we are walking along. It is just so fresh and nice for a walk in the mornings and in the evenings. 

Number 5 is my NYX soft Matte Lip Creams 

These have to be the softest Lip Creams I have yet to use! I only have 4 shades at the moment but I am definitely going to be buying more when I can. The consistency is creamy but the pigment is strong it has some staying power with the darker shades but with the lighter shades, I find they last a good few hours! I have the shades from Left to Right - Amsterdam, Antwerp, Buenos Aires and Athens

Number 6 is Instagram! 

I have been loving Instagram this week I feel that I have finally started to use this properly! Have you followed me yet? Follow me 

Number 7 is Boohoo

Boohoo is an amazing affordable site which personally I probably us it a little bit too much haha but its just easy and the delivery is fast which is always a bonus and there's always a discount or an offer on the delivery options. 

Number 8 is warm clothes

I am definitely a winter bunny that's for sure. I love big warm jumpers and comfy clothes. When coming inside from the cold I love to get changed into my loungewear and just watch TV. 

Number 9 is Mark

Now, this probably comes warranted each week/month/year but recently this man has certainly exceeded most limits. It been a hard couple of weeks and not the best start to the year but Mark seems to have taken it all in his stride and has really become even more of a man to love. 

Finally, Number 10 is My Blog

I have finally got into the swing of sitting down and taking time out to sit down and express what's happened or what I am loving at the moment and it feels great to connect with other people and I am just very grateful for you that are reading this! 

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Danielle xx

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