January 2017 Lets Chat

January 17, 2017


Grab a drink and lets chat!

Well, what a month it has been already. I mean we are on the 17th and it already feels like it's flown past. I have to admit that January is not my favorite month of the year as you are trying to survive the month after Christmas and let's face it December is my favorite month ever! 

I have to say that my anxiety has been at its all time highest this month I think that's due to the stress of the month (I would like to hope) but I have to say I am slowly trying to get everything back on track. I want to hopefully be debt free by the end of this year and driving those are my main two goals for this year. 

I want to be able to move out next year and get our first house which would be amazing. I cannot wait to decorate and create our own little home :). I have already started looking which lets face it isn't a good or bad idea! Hopefully, you can come along for the ride too! 

How's your January going? Let me know in the comments! 

I will check back in with you tomorrow! 


Danielle x

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