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January 03, 2017

Hey Guys! 

I hope you are well and I hope you have had an amazing break over Christmas and New Year. 

I thought I would sum up my 2016 and bring up some of the best points of the year!

I would say that I have been through some bad points this year and they definitely add up more than the good moments but all my good moments have to be with Mark, he is my rock and my everything we celebrated our first year together in March and honestly he makes my life so much better everyday. I honestly couldn't imagine my life without him all of the crazy and weird moments we have together and I cannot wait for more of the moments to come over the year. 

Now lets get geeky! - POKEMON GO! I have to say that I am overly amazed at this game its got me out of the house so much and funny enough brought me many of favourite moments with Mark - We would go on random drives just to find different Pokemon. Now this was my era and I grew up with Pokemon when I was 8 years old! So to have something like this remind of the years back then I lost on my Gameboy definitely made my year big time. Now we have Poppy I have to admit I love going on walks in different places around me and in different areas where I have never been before and now I kind of have a little bit of an excuse to just go for walks everyday hehe and watching a lot of Ali A and Clare on YouTube!

Dinton Pastures

Poppy - This has to be the biggest highlight of my year to be honest is bringing home this little puppy that is fully dependant on me - Mark drove us all the way to brecon beacons on the 8th October of 2016 and we met a lovely family who had several Border Collie Puppies and we fell in love with a little white face and blue eyed puppy and instantly we knew that she was the one so we got her paperwork and handed over the money and off we went. On the drive home (4 Hours!!!) she was amazing and pretty much slept all of the way home apart from 40 minutes into the drive home she decided she wanted to be sick so we pulled over and gave her some water and cleaned up and back on the road we went! When we got back we decided to show Marks family first and they were pretty shocked, once we had finally got back to the flat we decided to try and introduce the cats to Poppy (the cats were not happy) My mum fell in love with her when she met her.

Here we are few months later and this little puppy has finally settled in! 
(Shameless Puppy Pictures!)

To start the new year I have decided that I am going to draw up my main goals of 2017 but however create a goal to complete in each month therefore it feels a little bit more easier to complete and to achieve.

For January my goal is to go to the gym at least 3 times a week and follow Carly Rowena's 7 Day Flat Belly Guide! (Link just in case you want to follow along!)

I will keep you updated as we go! Make sure you keep in touch by following me on BlogLovin and any social media to see when I upload! 


Danielle xx

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