My Ultimate Rainy Day

January 09, 2017

Hello, My Lovelies, 

Since today is a shocking typical British day it's cold and it is rainy. I don't really want to go outside at all so I'm not going too! I thought what I would do instead is give you my ultimate rainy day! 

First I think the recipe to the best rainy day is food, now personally I have had enough chocolate to last me for a very long time so as an alternative my personal home comfort is tuna sweetcorn pasta with mayonnaise. I may have also bought some Mini Eggs because they are in the shops already, can you believe that! 

Second is the movie selection, now I think this has to keep you entertained so it has to be certain films that have not been watched in a long time and for me, those are the Harry Potter movies all of them! 

Third is making the most comfortable viewing situation in your home, now this could be the bedroom or the lounge but where ever it is make sure your duvet is the main item that you have! It personally is comfort at its best! 

Now I want to hear what's your ultimate rainy day. Whether it's just family time or watching movies all day! 

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Danielle xx

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