The Truth

April 20, 2017

Good Morning, 

Now I am just going to jump straight into this and explain what has been going on. I have lost my way big time and I just felt myself falling more and more into a deep hole of not wanting to do anything I enjoy anymore and just get on with my life, which led me to not post on here, being distant on social media and just simply not enjoying things that I used to. 

I am sorry for lacking in posts and not being active but I will not post something that is forced and is just plain not honest. It's just the way I work! The last few weeks I have been sorting a lot of stuff out in my personal life and trying to get things in movement so I and my partner can move next year. This involved sorting through all of my debts! (SHOCK!) 

I had to contact all of my debts and sort through them and figure out how much goes to each one and how much I would have left over for the month which let's face it isn't much if you want your debts cleared. 

This was probably one of the biggest tasks that I have been putting off for years. I have been getting myself into debt since the age of 19 and it has been a spiraling downhill battle since. Now 8 years on I am facing the problems of being failed for credit and not being able to move due to bad credit. 

Now if I could change this situation I probably wouldn't because I learned the hard way that getting into debt doesn't just go away. However, one thing I will take away from this is a lesson to teach my children that debt and credit is not to be used lightly and it is definitely a privilege not to be abused.

Moving on to happier notes I will now be debt free by my 27th Birthday in October! 🎉 

I have also been making differences in the current place we are at now by moving the front room around to create more space and our bedroom to make it more cozy and not so small. 

Update on Poppy aswell.. She is now 9 months old in 4 days! Its going so fast and wow has she grown.

She has also created a new game on her walks which doesn't happen all the time only happens first thing in the morning with the morning dew! 

So that is all for now as I feel that I am just rambling on. I hope you are all well and it feels good to be back! 

Speak Soon 

Danielle x

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