So I watched Carly Rowena's video yesterday and I have to say it's the most empowering video  I have watched in a long time. If you want to check out this video for yourself here is the video.

She spoke of herself turning 30 and all the things that she has learned to embrace and empower in herself over the years. As a 26-year-old woman, I can relate to a lot of the things she has said. Some of the words she used within the video is so powerful, 'I have accomplished a lot in this body and its grown with me well.' and 'I have also grown to love the stretch marks from gaining and stretch marks from losing weight.' and 'I smile more now that I ever knew I could and I love stronger than the movies said I would.' 

I noticed whilst watching this film that she is probably the most humble individual that I have ever watched. Admittedly I wish I could smile more than I probably do and I wish I could love my stretch marks. This video has really shown me that you can grow to love the skin you were born in and that all of the imperfections have a story behind them that will continue to be told throughout your lifetime. 

To top the video off on its emotional rollercoaster Carly and Leon got married! These two really are goals as a couple. They are so perfectly matched that it's a beautiful story that they have created and continue to create in their married life. 

I just want to Thank Carly for making such an empowering and emotional video! 

Please go and check her video out and show it some love. 

Speak Soon, 

Danielle xx