My Everything

May 11, 2017

Good Morning!

I hope you are well. 

Now I wanted to dedicate today's post to my other half. A bit of background on Mark and myself, we met 2 years ago on Plenty of Fish! We started speaking for a few days before finally meeting up. Wen went for a long walk and spoke for hours, we figured out that we had actually have met several years ago and had actually met without even knowing!

Move forward a few months and Mark moves in with me and we have been happy ever since we have had our ups and downs and been through some tough times but he has always pulled through to be the strong man I know he is. 

He has recently decided to start his own business and try and make a name for himself and provide for us. I fully support this decision he has made and I think he could really make it work. I want him to succeed in everything he does and I will be there to support him no matter what. 

We have spoken about moving into a house together and starting to move forward with our relationship, but I honestly cannot wait until we do! I just cannot wait to continue to make more memories and build a future and family together. 

Since having poppy we have really grown together to make sure she is the happiest little puppy ever, 

So this post goes out to Mark, my world, my everything and my all. 

I love you!

Speak Soon! 

Danielle xx

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