10 Things I Wish I Knew Earlier That I Know Now

June 22, 2017

Back in the day when we were younger, we think that there is nothing we would change! However, as you get older and you look back you start to think I wish I knew it back then! Here are my 10 Things I wish I knew earlier!

1. CREDIT!!!
Now when I turned 18 I thought that the world opened this whole new world of credit and being able to get a phone on contract and all these other fancy things, however, I have since now learned that credit is a good thing as long as you look after it! I took out a phone and got a store card the minute I turned 18 and I am still paying for it now. I did not look after it at all!!

Not all of your friends from school stay your friends. It is a hard lesson to learn and it doesn't get easier as you get older. I only have around 3-4 friends I still speak to from school, I feel that as you get older you mature and go your separate ways, not in a bad way but in a way that's good for everybody involved. However, I have always been told if you can count your best friends, on one hand, your a lucky person!

I wish I knew when I was younger how truly hard it is to 'adult' every day! I mean there are bills for everything! Even unexpected ones that turn up and you sit there thinking where did this come from. Bills are not the fun part of growing up!

You may be one of the lucky few that met your one true love at a young age and never had to deal with heartbreak, but this is one of the biggest lessons I have learned growing up. Your heart is so fragile when it comes to letting someone in and then when they are no longer there it breaks into a million pieces and you think it will never get easier, but it does. I promise!

I left school before my GCSE's because I was bullied and I really didn't like school at all. (Secretly have a problem with authority) However, as I have grown up I have learned that it was a huge mistake leaving school early. I wouldn't change it now because I probably wouldn't be where I am now. I would strongly advise against it!

There is no reason at all in life to rush anything! Take your time and let it happen when it happens, rushing is no good for anyone in life! It adds stress that is not required.

It will be okay! Whatever is stressing you out it will be okay, it may not be okay now or tomorrow but it will be, I have learned that stressing out about even the small things is something that is not healthy. You cannot control things that are out of your hands, relax, take a breather and figure it out in your own time.

Your body is your body. I used to look in magazines and look at all these stunning women and aspire to try and look like them. You will never look like them, genetics designed you the way you are. Yes, you can change things you are not happy with but it is not worth getting upset with yourself because you cannot be that woman in the magazine.

It does not grow on trees! Use your money wisely, I mean yeah we all buy nice things we deserve the money we earn but it does not last forever. Save where you can you will thank me later!

You may be in a career that you have been in for several years and love it, but there is still some of us out there that do not know what they want to do. I have worked in several places ranging from offices to retail to childcare to restaurant and me still at the age of 27 know what I want to do and that is okay.

I want to hear your 10 things you wish you knew earlier write some down in the comments below.

Speak Soon!

Danielle xx

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