Bullying My Story

When I was in school I had a pretty good circle of friends and I loved going to school until I reached the age of 14/15, that was when it went downhill for me. I started making wrong choices becoming friends with the wrong people and just getting into trouble.

I started to get bullied around 14/15 and it was the worst time of my life, I ended up dropping out of school and not going back when I was 16. It was never physical bullying but the verbal bullying hurt more. I would go home most days from school and just sit in my bedroom and cry until I couldn't anymore.

The bullying wasn't just about my appearance or how I dressed, it was general name calling. I was once followed home by a bunch of girls and then threatened to beat me up after school, I would lock my door when I got home every day in case someone could get in.

People think that bullying is just something all kids go through and that it makes people stronger. In fact, it causes more of an adverse affect on their lives later on. In my case, I have depression and self-hate towards the way I look.

I wake up every morning hating the way I look because I have the image in my head that everyone is judging me when I walk down the street. I know that they aren't but because of what I have been called in the past it has affected me.

Insecurities rule my life, I hate the way I look, I look through social media and magazines and see all these beautiful girls and think where did I go wrong, why can't I look like that. I wish I had more confidence in myself.

Bullies need to realize what they do to people, not just in the present but in the future.

Speak soon