My 8 Most Loved Instagram Accounts To Follow

June 23, 2017

I probably spend at least 60% of my day scrolling through Instagram on a daily basis. I love it, I love the freedom you have on there to post whatever you want!

So I thought I would compile My 8 Most Loved Instagram Accounts To Follow! Here we go!

CosyPrints - These are some amazing prints! They are so gorgeous and I find myself getting lost in just scrolling through the images. I am yet to buy anything because I want to wait to move before I can decorate every room with their Prints! You can check them out on Instagram Here they also have an Etsy shop you should check out here

InkKings - They are a local Tattooist to me and I have been there once (Not to get a tattoo unfortunately) I did sit down and chat with Leon about a year ago about some ideas I had and I haven't had the funds to go ahead with them as of yet, but look at that artwork! If you need a tattoo fix then head over to their Instagram Here

Abbey Willis - I have had the pleasure of training with Abbey in the past and she is such a lovely person and BODY GOALS! She has done so well in so many competitions. In all honesty, I scroll through just getting jealous of how amazing she looks and how far she has come! Check her out on her Instagram Here

Carly Rowena - I have already mentioned in a previous post about how much admiration I have for Carly but her Instagram is so aesthetically pleasing its unbelievable (all that healthy food and all them bright colors) what more could you want! Check out her Instagram Here

The XPATS - They are on a journey around the UAE and all the images are just beautiful and their blog is even better! I love just escaping away to their Instagram and just getting lost in their journey. Check them out on Instagram Here

Emily Canham - I have only really just discovered Emily, on YouTube and Instagram but her feed is just so beautiful with clothing and images that you know she wants to have memories from! I love seeing where she is heading off to next in her bio! Check out her Instagram Here

Helen Anderson - I discovered Helen on YouTube around about a year ago and I love her attitude and her fashion sense. Her Instagram is goals in confidence. I love seeing her new posts! Check her out on Instagram Here

Samantha Maria - What do I need to say, her pictures say it all! she is amazing at making her feed so in sync and beautifully aesthetic in every way. Check her out on Instagram Here

As you can see it is quite a variety of accounts I follow and that is only 8! What are your most loved Instagram Accounts? Tell me below!

Speak Soon

Danielle xx

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