Now there has been a few articles surrounding the Facebook group called 'GIRLSMOUTH' and I just wanted to tell you all about it. *well what I can*

GIRLSMOUTH is a Facebook group created by Chloe Todd, it was created in  January of 2017 and it has skyrocketed into a community with 68,309 members, Chloe has 5 admins who work with her to make this group the most powerful community of women I have ever seen not just UK based but GLOBAL.

Chloe started GIRLSMOUTH because she wanted to create a place where local girls could get to know each other more and be nice to each other instead of being catty.

I have posted on the group several times be it about my anxiety or other things, and every time without a doubt, there has always been someone there to respond and talk to. I have noticed a lot of girls making close friendships within the group.

To make the page more manageable there are some rules that have been set in place to protect the group and the users.

Personally I tend to not get on with girls because I have found in the past that they can be quite catty and not friendly, however, this group has shown me that us women need to stick together and create a powerful and overwhelming relationship.

These girls in this group create so many laughs and memories within the group, due to this group I no longer feel that I am alone when I have a problem or just want a laugh. Whenever I am feeling down I know I can always turn to the group to lift me up and make me laugh again.

The sky is the limit when it comes to this group, the growth in this group in just 6 months is unbelievable and I cannot believe that I only found the group last month.

I cannot wait to see how this group grows as time goes. Come and join in!

Speak Soon

Danielle xx