Get to know me

August 25, 2017

So I was thinking, there isn't much you know about me. So why not answer some questions that you may know or not!

Are you named after anyone?
I am not! I wish I was but hey!

When was the last time you cried?
I was watching Beauty and the Beast 2017. I fell in love with that film all over again!

Do you have kids?
I don't yet! But I do want kids in the future (2/3)

Are you Sarcastic?
Hmm... I would like to say no but I am probably too sarcastic for my own good a lot of the time!

Whats the first thing you notice about people?
Eyes. Shoes. Tattoo's (If they have any)

What is your eye colour?
My eye colour is a Green/Grey colour

What are your favourite smells?
Pine Trees, Poppy, Mark and Sweet or Fresh Linen. Oh! and the smell of a burning wick of a candle!

Do you have any hobbies?
I like to re-decorate. I wouldn't call it a hobby but I definitely enjoy doing it!

What did you want to be growing up?
I wanted to be a vet until my Nan told me I had to put animals to sleep. Totally changed my mind!

What is your favourite season?
10000% Autumn and Winter

What are your favourite TV Shows?
Pretty Little Liars, Hawaii 5-0, Criminal Minds, Game of Thrones, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill.

What music do you listen too?
Christmas, Top 40 and a lot of Garage and 90's music. Music was way better back then!

Do you have anymore questions you want to know about me? Ask below!

Speak soon! xxx

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